Writer’s Log #6: Murphy’s Law

By Joe Dyton

How does Murphy’s Law go? Whatever can go wrong will, or something like that? Well, that’s how I felt today. After sending out a bunch of Letters of Introduction last week, a company got back to me this morning. I was asked if I had ever ghostwritten an op-ed before and if so, could I send a sample. I’ve been writing since 1999 and have written just about everything; articles on all types of topics, direct mail letters, brochures, print ads, emails, website copy, you name it, but I’ve never written an op-ed under my own name, let alone for someone else. If figures that I actually get some interest from a company, and it asks me if I have ever written one of the few things I have no experience writing. I had no choice to be honest and say I had’t ghostwritten an op-ed before, but I was up for any writing challenge, and would be happy to help them with any other writing they might need.

In other writing news, another company I reached out to last week responded and said they’d “keep my resume on file” and reach out if they needed my service. So we’ll see how that goes. On a more positive note, I heard back from one of my sources for this story I wrote about hiring trends that appeared in the U-T San Diego today. She congratulated me on the story and thanked me for reaching out her firm for an interview. I have to admit, when I saw the company’s number in my missed calls list on my phone, I was afraid they were calling to complain about the story. It was a nice surprise to hear the voicemail and find out it was the exact opposite. I can’t speak for any other writer, but for me one my favorite parts of the job is when someone says they liked what I wrote.

This week, I have another assignment for the U-T San Diego; an article about accounting and taxes. I will also be covering a boys high school basketball game for the Frederick News-Post on Thursday night. So, that’ll keep me busy. In between, I’ll just be reaching out to more companies and publications looking for my next gig. 

Have a great week, everybody! Thanks for reading!

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Joe Dyton (@dyton99) is a freelance journalist and copywriter in Washington, DC. He can be reached at dytonwande@gmail.com.


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