Writer’s Log #7: A Missed Opportunity

By Joe Dyton

Of all the days for my email alert on my cell phone to not work, it had to be today when I had a chance for an extra freelance assignment. An editor I often worked with emailed me today because she wanted to see if I could handle a quick turnaround article. Her email came through a little bit before noon, but I didn’t see it until almost 3 p.m. I have my phone set so I get an alert when an email comes through, or so I thought. By time I got back to my editor about the assignment, she had found someone else to pick up the assignment. So, I guess the moral of the story is never assume technology is always going to come through for you. Check your emails, even if your phone is supposed to let you know when you have one. I’d hate to see you miss out on a freelance writing assignment like I did today.

The day wasn’t a total loss though. Another one of the companies I reached out to last week got back to me this evening. It turns out it is often looking for copywriters to help out and if I’m a fit, they’d let me know. So, that was encouraging. One thing I noticed is when a lot of these companies get back to me, they’ll say thanks for reaching out. So, never be hesitant to contact a company you’d like to write for. Most will appreciate your interest, even if they don’t have the need for your services at the time. Remember, the answer is no until you ask!

I also spent today setting up interviews for the assignment I do have, and made a few more cold calls about possible work. Tomorrow will a be a week since I started this blog; I was hoping I would have landed a new client by then, but I know it’s a numbers game and the more calls I make and emails I send out, the better chance I have of getting work. Patience is a virtue; or so they say!

The Links:

The Planscope Blog shows how you can spend less time selling your freelance services (This is right up my alley!).

Jennifer Mattern answers your freelance writing questions here.

John Soares offers 12 tips for writing faster.

Francesca Nicasio lets you in on what copywriting clients are secretly thinking.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Joe Dyton (@dyton99) is a freelance journalist and copywriter in Washington, DC. He can be reached at dytonwande@gmail.com.


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