Writer’s Log #14: Month in Review

By Joe Dyton

Well, today is the final day of January so I just wanted to do a state of union-type post. To be honest, January wasn’t so great in terms building my writing business. I landed zero new clients; I know my goal was to get at least one new client every two months so I have all of February to still get one, but I would have felt a lot better if someone had hired me. Unfortunately, I all I got were responses like, “We don’t have a need right now, but we’ll keep your info on file.” to flat out, “We don’t use freelance writers.” It was a frustrating month for sure. I almost gave up on all of this, but that’s what I’ve done in the past; go hard with my marketing, get nothing out of it and stop for awhile. I promised myself I wasn’t going to do that again. So, I read Jon Morrow’s inspiring open letter again and got back to work. I’m going to stick with this all year, even if I don’t land one new client.

I looked back at my marketing efforts from this month and realized I don’t have a right to be as frustrated as I am. I sent out about 60 resumes/letter of introduction. It felt like a lot, but it’s only about two a day. That’s not going to cut it if I want to get at least one client every two months. I’m thinking I need to reach out to at least five times as many companies, publications, organizations, etc. to increase my chances of getting work.

Like I said, it was a frustrating month but I’m going to keep at it. The Aspiring Freelancer blog isn’t going anywhere. I’d still love to get your feedback; what do you think is best way to search for clients? Is there a magic number when it comes to how many people you should be marketing to a day/week/month? Are there any indicators that it’s time for an aspiring freelance writer to throw in the towel?

Thanks for reading this month. I wrote about every other day in January, but I hope to increase that frequency next month and beyond. Have a great weekend!

The Links: 

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Sara Donaldson shares 10 things you should know before you turn freelance.

Allen Taylor explains how he found four freelance writing gigs from job ads.

Joe Dyton (@dyton99) is a freelance copywriter and journalist in Washington, DC. He may be reached at dytonwande@gmail.com.


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