Writer’s Log #16: The Waiting Game

By Joe Dyton

This weekend, I spent a lot of time marketing my freelance writing services with the new LOI I created earlier this week. I’ve sent it out to 40 different publications and companies over the past few days. Unfortunately, most of these were sent out during the weekend, so it won’t be until Monday morning until they’re seen and I’ll find out if they’re any more effective than my old one. Maybe it’s the optimist in me, but I have a good feeling the response rate is going to improve. The fact that the revised LOI touches on what I can do for a company should be better-received than an email that just states what I’ve done in the past. That’s what I keep telling myself at least!

I started sending out my new letter to various companies I searched via Google; mostly communications and marketing firms. The last two days though, I reached out to companies I saw listed on MediaBistro. My hope when I hit up companies with listings on job boards is that they could use a part-time/freelance writer like myself to help plug a hole until they find a full-time replacement.

One problem I run into when I reach out to companies though is not all of them have staff contact information on their websites. When that happens, I’m stuck sending my LOI and resume to “info@”, “careers@”, “hr@”, etc., and cross my fingers it gets forwarded to someone who will review it. So, that’s the question I’d like to pose to you, the readers. Have you had success submitting an LOI into the abyss that an “info@” email address presents? If you go to company’s website, and there isn’t an email address to an actual person there, do you call them rather than email? Sound off in the comments section!

The Links:

Carol Tice tells how she wrote a $2,000 freelance article in one week.

Emily Suess offers great advice on how to build your freelance writing career.

Johanna Payton and Olivia Gordon will show you how to build a successful freelance writing business with their journalism course.

Rachel Gall has advice to help you get over those freelance jitters.

Joe Dyton (@dyton99) is a freelance journalist and copywriter in Washington, DC. He may be reached at dyton@wande@gmail.com.



  1. Jennifer Mattern (@AllIndieWriters)

    First of all, best of luck. I hope your new LOI gives you the results you’re looking for. 🙂

    Just don’t get caught up in the “waiting game” like you post title mentions. Use that time to keep reaching out to prospects, build your platform, and pursue other marketing strategies. Why not send out another version of the LOI to additional prospects and conduct some testing on the two new versions? One might work. But the other might work better. And those are the kinds of things we need to know. 🙂

    As for email addresses, it depends on the size of the company. If it’s a small company or a one-person shop, that info@ address might be their primary one, and you’ll reach you need to reach right away. If you’re contacting larger firms, I’d look at some of their company documents (press releases, any brochures online, investor relations info, etc.). Sometimes you can find better contact info tucked into those documents. Other than that, I’d give them a week, and then I’d call them to see if there’s a better contact address you could use.

    • Joe Dyton

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for reading The Aspiring Freelancer! I appreciate the feedback and advice. I will definitely keep plugging ahead looking for new clients as the I await replies from the companies I’ve already contacted.

      And, thank you for the great insight and job leads you provide on AllIndieWriters.com. It’s been very helpful to me.



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